CBD Smokable Flower


Our CBD Smokable Flower is a great way to kick back and relax. Our smokables not only offer relaxation but are great for pain relief and anxiety reduction. They also can help manage mood and alleviate discomfort. Moreover, there are many strains available, providing flavorful smokes with lots of different aromas.

While CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of hundreds of components of marijuana, it does not cause an intoxicating high like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Instead, CBD can help with relaxation without the risk of any psychoactive effects that THC can sometimes produce.

CBD is derived from hemp plants and can be used as medical treatment for several ailments. Research has shown that it is commonly used to help with anxiety and depression, as well as insomnia. CBD could also be considered as an option to treat some chronic pain, and, in some cases, reduce risks of seizures.

While CBD offers these positive health effects and is deemed safe to use by the World Health Organization, it is important to note that consultation with a doctor is recommended before using any CBD product to have the best possible experience with our smokables.

We currently have four available strains: Early Suzie, Alpen Gleaux, Hawaiian Haze, and Stormy Daniels. More information on each flower is below.

Early Suzie

Early Suzie's sharp and light fuel scent takes over the nose with its beautiful lighter green buds which are soft on the eyes in more ways than one, as this flowers name suggests, it relaxes its user into an earlier bedtime.

Alpen Gleaux

This exotic strain is certainly a unique look in any flower collector’s arsenal. These buds are a dark purple with bright orange pistols that demand attention. The scent is of sweet candy and is surely to leave the palate watering for more. This strain’s effects are great for both relaxing, without sleeping. Perfect for those with high stress coupled with lows, this strain leaves the user feeling both relaxed, yet uplifted.

Hawaiian Haze

The buds from our Hawaiian Haze are dense! With its woody and earthy scent, with a hint of citrus and dark green buds, it relieves users’ pain, while also having a nice lightly relaxing effect. This is a perfect nighttime strain for those who are sore after work and have trouble getting to sleep because of it.

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is an instant classic, with its familiar pungent and herbal nose of a strong hybrid. With its lineage being from both sides of the plant’s spectrum, this strain will surely heal what ails you. It is also a perfect strain for those new to CBD flower strains and are looking to just test the waters, very newcomer friendly!


**Subject to change upon availability**