We aim to disrupt the industry by silencing outdated
stigmas through awareness, product education and guidance.

Midwest Grown CBD

Our Story

With a big idea and a passion for CBD, the first thing we did when we started planning Green Therapy Center was look at the current market and asked: "What’s missing?"

We noticed a huge gap in the current market for trusted, top quality, premium CBD brands. The current market is filled with non credible, smoke shops, and ‘filler’ products. We decided the number one thing we needed was transparency. 

Transparency to us means COAs (Certificate of Analysis) available to every consumer for every product. We do this to help earn the trust of our customers and ensure that we offer nothing less than the best locally grown CBD products.

Our story may look a little different than most, but breaking out from the rest is what makes us who we are today. Trust, transparency, and education are the foundations of our story. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, trustworthiness, and quality products with you.

Our Team

Our entire team is devoted to helping people feel empowered to try CBD and know what to look for based on their individual needs.

Justin here! Green Therapy Center has brought my passion for health and fitness to a whole new level; overall wellness. I am ecstatic to see first hand how CBD has benefited people's lives for the better in so many different ways. From children with special needs to elderly with pain, we can do so much good, and I am so lucky to be able to witness this through the relationships that I build each day.

- Justin KollingManaging Partner 

High Standards

CBD quality you can trust.

From bud to bottle, we ensure our products are made from the highest quality CBD and safe ingredients.

On-site Growing Room

A chance to discover plant magic in person!

In support of our mission, we built a growing-room to provide an experience that not only educates, but builds a better connection between people and plants.

Ready to feel your best?

Whether you've been exploring plant magic for a while or you're brand new to the CBD scene, we're here to help you find the product that's right for you.